Fast Fix Cavity Frames

Joey Fast Fix cavity frame is our standard premium system currently available in 80kg or 180kg door weight ranges. This system incorporates a 4-wheel trolley design with a dual precision bearing for quiet and smooth operation. The Joey Fast Fix has a spring loaded bracket allowing fast and easy installation (pelmet required to cover the Mechanisms). It is available in standard 2040mm and 2340mm door heights and from 520mm to 1220mm standard door widths. All exposed timbers are 19mm KDHW.

The Joey Fast Fix cavity fames can also be made to suit custom sizes and finishes.

Why choose Fast Fix cavity frames:

  • Custom made to your specifications
  • For standard General in stock sizes see table below
  • 4-wheel rollers rated at 80kg or 180kg
  • Timber frame reinforced with steel staunchions
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Rattle proof guide system
  • Fully adjustable without removing the door

Standard sizes for 90mm Studs, 10mm Plaster, Architrave finish, 50mm Protusion or Flush Jamb

Door height Widths available
2340 520 620 670 720 770 820 870 920 970 1000 1020 1070 1200 1220
2040 520 620 670 720 770 820 870 920 970 1000 1020 1070 1200 1220


Doubles Standards available as outlined above

Note: We do not sell direct to the public - please visit our resellers for assistance with our frames.